Humanity through Cats

So my cats had their second birthday on March 14. It was a huge success and tons of people (and cats) helped our family celebrate the day on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! The biggest surprised of all were the real world presents for my boys. On the 13th a package arrived for my boys and opening it I began to cry. An online friend sent us this:

I was so surprised! It was such a kind gesture and done out of the generosity of her own heart. She really put love and thought into this. The balls are Ajax’s favorites and the sticky toys are Cheettos’s. The cookies even look like my boys! She baked and decorated them! The card was filled with love and I was so surprised! Here I am posting some photos of cats and a wonderful and kind person is sending these beautiful creatures a birthday gift. What a kind soul she must have. It made me feel so lucky to be part of this cat community. The boys were very happy too!

On March 15 we got a package in the mail addressed to the boys as well. Due to the snow it was delayed a day or it would have come on their birthday. It was filled with homemade knitted toys made by anouther friend on Instagram. She wanted the boys to get a birthday gift! How special is that!? She even included a kind card for us!

My boys and I are so lucky to be spoiled by these kind friends! Before I became a part of this community my faith in humanity as a whole was shaking a bit. I was begining to think no one had a soul gentle and kind and loving like mine… But then I met these people. They restored my faith. Thank goodness for them. Their acts of kindness meant more to me then I think they will ever realize. They saved my love for people!


Author: Kenzie

I am a 24 year old Marriage and Family Therapy graduate student at Fairfield University. I graduated salutatorian of my undergraduate class with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Mitchell College. I will graduate from Fairfield with my Masters degree in December of 2017. Check me & my cat out on instagram: My Account: @Kenzie_quotes_22 Cats' Account: @Ajaxcheetto Thanks for Visiting!!! πŸ™‹β€πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Έ Check me out on Deviant Art:

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